Control workload disruptions with the new Elastigroup maintenance window

Elastigroup featured thumbnail

Elastigroup lets you save up to 80% on your compute costs, by leveraging the Amazon EC2 Spot market. When Spot capacity is unavailable, or prices are too high, Elastigroup automatically migrates your workload to on-demand instances, to ensure it remains highly available.

Previously, depending on the cluster orientation (i.e. strategy) you have chosen, Elastigroup would either migrate your workload back to Spot from on-demand as soon as possible, or alternatively, keep your workload on on-demand to minimize interruptions and maximize availability. This meant you could either minimize costs (revert to Spot ASAP), or minimize interruptions (never switch back to Spot), with no path in between to let you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Starting today, you can configure Elastigroup to migrate your workloads from on-demand to Spot in prespecified time windows, letting you schedule these interruptions during times that are optimal for you (e.g. periods of low traffic).

Elastigroup maintenance window is now available through the Spotinst console and APIs.