AWS Announces New EC2 Instances and EBS Volume – Spot by NetApp Delivers Support Right Away

As in years past, re:Invent is where AWS announces many new features, services and enhancements. This year is no exception and here at Spot by NetApp we are proud of our product and engineering groups for delivering immediate and full support in relevant areas such as the new GP3 EBS volume and new EC2 instance types – D3, D3en, R5b and M5zn 

EBS gp3 Volume decouples performance from storage capacity 

While typically you can get better input/output performance by provisioning a larger EBS volume, many customers running applications such as MySQL, Cassandra, and Hadoop clusters, need faster IOPS but don’t need the extra storage nor the associated additional cost.  

The new gp3 EBS volume allows customers to increase IOPS and throughput without having to provision additional block storage capacity. This ensures they get the performance they need without any excess storage capacity and costs. On top of this, the gp3 volumes are 20% less expensive than the older generation of gp2 EBS volumes 

As part of running your mission-critical workloads on EC2 spot instances, Spot by NetApp provisions and manages EBS volumes for your EC2 spot instances. We are pleased to share that Elastigroup now fully supports EBS gp3 volumes as well. 

Leveraging the new EC2 instance types – D3, D3en, R5b and M5zn 

With Spot by NetApp leveraging the broadest range of instances to support Kubernetes pod and ECS task requirementsour full support for the new EC2 instance types – D3, D3en, R5b and M5zn – provides greater variety when utilizing node resources for container workloads.  

Start saving up to 90% on your cloud spend 

Spot by NetApp helps AWS customers reduce their EC2 spend by up to 90% by reliably running production and mission critical workloads – from stateful applications on a single instance to Kubernetes clusters running on thousands of nodes – on an optimal blend of spot instances, Savings Plans, RIs and even on-demand when needed.  

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