Automate Spot management on AWS OpsWorks with Elastigroup

Today we’re glad to announce a major improvement in our integration with AWS OpsWorks

AWS OpsWorks is a configuration management service that enables its users to manage applications and servers on AWS. With OpsWorks Stacks, the user can model his application as a stack containing different layers, where every layer represents a set of EC2 instances that serve a particular purpose, such as serving applications or hosting a database server. Every instance that is launched into a layer will receive the same configuration and will perform a set of installation scripts as the user defines.

However, automating OpsWorks and several other AWS services still remains a challenge, including Autoscaling and intelligent capacity management, and that is exactly what Elastigroup is trying to solve. Elastigroup provides a simple and flexible way to automate the provisioning of instances while optimizing cloud costs. With Opsworks integration, Elastigroup will make sure to attach and detach instances to the Opsworks environment when a scale-up or scale-down is triggered.

Our latest release includes a fresh new creation wizard that will help you set up an Elastigroup for your Opsworks environment in only 3 steps.

Get started now with our step by step guide and learn how to integrate Spotinst Elastigroup with your Opsworks environment.