Announcing enhanced monitoring and autoscaling for Azure Elastigroup

You can now monitor your Azure VMs in real time with the help of the Spectrum agent. Moreover, you can define autoscaling policies based on metrics the Spectrum agent emits (e.g. CPU, Memory), letting you automatically size the cluster to fit the workload.

Spectrum is a cloud-agnostic monitoring service which provides real-time visibility, historical insights and event-driven alerts for your workloads.
The Spectrum agent, which can easily be installed on Azure VMs in your Elastigroup, automatically collects & reports performance metrics. These metrics can be used to trigger automated actions, such as scaling operations. For example, you can configure scaling operations based on average CPU or Memory utilization, ensuring capacity scales automatically to optimize for performance, availability, and costs.

There is no extra charge for using Spectrum. The Spotinst agent can be easily installed with a few short commands. For more details on how to install the agent, click here.