Using Spot by NetApp, finova reduces Azure compute spend for their internal development and testing environment by almost 70%.

Executive summary Mobile fintech vendor JUMO uses the full range of Spot by NetApp’s DevOps offering on their AWS Kubernetes environment to fulfill their mission: Delivering superb low-cost financial services to Africa’s unbanked individuals and small businesses. Since 2020, Spot has enabled JUMO to save 50-70% off their main platform’s Kubernetes compute costs – thanks […]

About ZestMoney ZestMoney is the largest AI-driven ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ (EMI) platform in India, enabling instant financing at checkout for millions of customers that have no access to credit cards or other formal financing options. ZestMoney’s unique combination of AI, mobile technology and digital banking to make lives affordable for people, earning the company the 2020 Technology Pioneer […]

Using Elastigroup as an efficient way to scale EC2 cost-effectively N26 has been working with Spot for the last 2 years and found Elastigroup to be a natural fit. N26 was determined to quickly scale their EC2 infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. With Elastigroup by Spot they were able to achieve those cost-efficiencies to the […]