Are you getting the most from your Google Cloud Committed Use Discounts?

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Many businesses operating in the cloud are looking for ways to reduce cloud costs, and enterprises using Google Cloud are no exception. One of the pricing models Google Cloud is offering to users is Committed Use Discounts (CUDs). This pricing model allows customers to commit either to a minimum amount of resource usage or to a minimum amount of spend for a specified term of one or three years. In return for this commitment, customers receive significant discounts compared to on-demand pricing.

However, ensuring maximum utilization of these commitments is hard. Users may not be aware of the utilization level, and the dynamic cloud environment may not allow for maximum utilization of the commitments. This is like throwing the discounts achieved straight down the drain.


Spot Ocean and Spot Elastigroup to the rescue!

To ensure CUDs are fully utilized, Spot Ocean and Spot Elastigroup seamlessly integrate with existing or newly purchased CUDs, resource-based or spent-based. Ocean and Elastigroup intelligently utilize these commitments to optimize resource allocation and cost savings, before users need to acquire additional resources like spot or on-demand.


Simple and flexible

With a simple configuration, Ocean and Elastigroup eliminate maintenance overhead and automate the process of ensuring CUDs are fully utilized when possible. They intelligently scale up CUDs and seamlessly incorporate newly acquired CUDs. This zero-maintenance approach optimizes CUD utilization, reduces costs, and maximizes the benefits of CUDs, providing businesses with the most efficient and cost-effective cloud infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

When an on-demand instance is no longer covered by a CUD, due to other resources running in the environment, Ocean and Elastigroup can detect this and automatically replace the on-demand instance with a spot or preemptible VM, ensuring that the client is running at the lowest fare possible. This dynamic adjustment further optimizes cost efficiency, providing users with the best possible pricing for their infrastructure.


Get the best utilization of your CUDs

The way that Spot Ocean and Spot Elastigroup maximize CUD utilization brings significant value to businesses and ultimately enhances their overall cloud performance.

Ensure your Google Cloud CUDs are utilized to the max. Learn more in our documentation, try Spot Ocean and Spot Elastigroup for your Google Cloud or contact us to learn more.