Watch: FinOps insights from IDC and the NetApp Intelligence Report

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What does it take to not only reduce cloud costs but build an efficient approach to both cloud operations and FinOps? NetApp spoke to analyst firm IDC to gain valuable research insights and find the answers to pressing FinOps questions.

Watch the series of roundtable interviews below, featuring host Tom Shields, Senior Marketing Director at NetApp; Jon Bock, VP of Marketing at Spot by NetApp; and Jevin Jensen, Research VP of Infrastructure and Operations at IDC.


Part 1: Reeling in cloud costs

We’re at the beginning of the end for cloud migration, with more than 67% of enterprise infrastructures now running in public cloud. But one cloud is often not enough. According to IDC, 90% of enterprises run workloads in multiple clouds, which leads to more complexity. As a result, for many organizations the imperative has shifted from chasing innovation and agility to also needing efficient management of day-to-day cloud operations.

Watch the video to learn how enterprises are controlling cloud costs, leveraging automation, and managing cloud operations through FinOps practices.


Part 2: Creating a culture that supports FinOps

Organizations often don’t understand how their choices can ramp up cloud costs until it’s too late. For example, a DevOps project might address a critical business need, like connectivity between devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). But the costs can add up fast, resulting in unexpectedly high cloud bills.

The right culture and approach to FinOps can help avoid these pitfalls. Watch the discussion to learn how FinOps can increase accountability across DevOps, finance, and other teams in the cloud.


Part 3: Getting more out of your FinOps practice

When companies start a FinOps journey, they may focus solely on cost reduction. But there’s so much more they can achieve. Once costs are under control, says Jensen, that’s when you can develop efficient processes, examine your unit economics, and centralize your FinOps team and their operations.

Watch this video for a look at advanced best practices and more ways to unlock the value of FinOps.


Operationalize your FinOps practice with automation and AI

Achieving FinOps success requires scalable, repeatable cloud cost and infrastructure visibility and insights, and embedding automated optimization directly into operations processes and workflows — all driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Moreover, as Jensen commented in the first video above, “A tool that supports multiple clouds is critical — and especially one that has automation and AI at its core.”

Ready to create a fully operational approach to FinOps? Spot by NetApp has you covered. Explore the research and best practices around building a highly efficient FinOps practice in our interactive content hub.