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A birds-eye view with the new dashboard

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The Spot family has grown rapidly. Elastigroup, Ocean, and Eco have been joined by Spot PC providing Virtual Desktops, Ocean for Apache Spark, Spot Storage, and Security. Each of these solutions have individual space inside the Spot Console. Today we are excited to unveil a centralized dashboard that provides a full overview of your Spot organization.

The new overview dashboard appears as the top option in the side navigation menu accessible to authenticated users. It is designed as the landing page and will be displayed when you log in.

Overview Dashboard

The overview dashboard consists of multiple sections that provide a birds-eye view of your entire organization. Starting at the top you’ll see “Insights & Recommendations”, “Savings Potential”, and a “Savings Overview.” These are followed by graphs and charts displaying “Savings Over Time”, a “Compute Lifecycle Breakdown”, and “Potential vs Actual Costs.” Let’s take a quick look at each of these.

First up is the “Insights & Recommendations” section. It presents an updated list of savings opportunities that have been identified for your organization. In some cases, the recommendations can be implemented with a click of a button.

Dashboard insights & recommendations

Second is the “Savings Potential” which provides a summary of your potential savings. Information boxes for each Spot product at each cloud provider link you to optimization options. The example below shows a potential of $200,000 in savings if the workload was migrated to Spot’s Elastigroup.

Dashboard savings potential

Clicking on the “Start Optimize” button will take you to a new page which will detail all your workloads that can be optimized.

The bottom part of the dashboard is the set of savings status graphs. These provide a high-level overview of the current savings status of your organization. They display the savings over time per product and potential verses actual cost. A compute instance lifecycle pie chart shows spot verses on demand compute resources provisioned across your organization. Each of the graphs can be filtered per Spot account and for a specific time range.

Dashboard savings graphs

New onboarding experience

The onboarding funnel is now embedded in the overview dashboard. It provides a more informative and intuitive experience and highlights the value of connecting your account to Spot.

Connecting a management account is now a separate funnel from connecting a linked account to ease the onboarding process.

Dashboard onboarding

The overview dashboard update is being rolled out to all accounts now, so expect to see it when you log in next time. If you have any questions about the changes, please consult the documentation or reach out to our helpful support staff.