On-demand webinar

Operationalize FinOps to optimize cloud spend and efficiency

Creating a successful FinOps strategy goes beyond just finding ways to reduce cloud spend and report on it. It means optimizing cloud costs together with cloud infrastructure to achieve the best cost and performance that works for your business.

What you will see

Capen Brinkley

Site Reliability Engineering Manager and Architect, Tealium

Ricky Ibarra

Manager for CloudOps, Tealium

Joanne Godfrey

Group Manager of Product Marketing, Spot by NetApp

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear how Tealium, the industry’s most trusted customer data platform, is using Spot by NetApp to improve performance and achieve higher operating margins. Learn how Tealium is:

  • Optimizing and rightsizing their cloud spend – by leveraging Spot by NetApp’s AI and ML-driven automation to maximize the spot market availability
  • Re-architecting their tagging policy to improve visibility around product costs, features and usage
  • Improving their business by collaborating with stakeholders to align cloud spend with product development trends and customer use cases

You’ll also learn how Spot by NetApp solutions for FinOps enable continuous visibility, cost optimization, and cloud infrastructure optimization, so organizations can predictively identify and deploy the optimal resources at the right time and at the right cost.