Advanced Automation for Amazon ECS

Simple way to run Amazon ECS clusters while saving up to 90% on compute costs and achieving maximum resource utilization

The Challenge

Manage, operate and scale infrastructure to maximize cluster utilization without suffering from idle resources can be a big challenge, especially at scale.

Traditional Approach:

  • Provision, manage and scale infrastructure
  • Manage multiple Auto Scaling Groups
  • Determine the right instance type and size without
  • considering Tasks’ requirements
  • Running on On-Demand infrastructure

The Solution

Advanced automation, optimization, and simplicity to increase resource utilization and save 80% of cloud infrastructure costs.

Spot by NetApp’s Ocean Approach:

  • Serverless Containers – Deploy Containers without infrastructure management
  • Manage one cluster with multiple compute resources
  • Automatic instance provisioning based on Services and Tasks requirements
  • Intelligent provisioning of the optimal mix of spot, reserved, and on-demand capacity

Solution Benefits

Cluster Auto Scaling

As you deploy Tasks and Containers, Ocean scales the number of instances in the cluster to meet your application demand.