Amazon ECS Management at Scale

Advanced Automation for Amazon ECS

Simple way to run Amazon ECS clusters while saving 80% on compute costs and achieving over 90% resource utilization

Amazon Elastic Container Service

The Challenge

Manage, operate and scale infrastructure to maximize cluster utilization without suffering from idle resources can be a big challenge, especially at scale.

Traditional Approach:

  • Provision, manage and scale infrastructure
  • Manage multiple Auto Scaling Groups
  • Determine the right instance type and size without
    considering Tasks’ requirements
  • Running on On-Demand infrastructure

The Solution

Advanced automation, optimization, and simplicity to increase resource utilization and save  80% of cloud infrastructure costs.


Spotinst Ocean Approach:

  • Serverless Containers – Deploy Containers without infrastructure management
  • Manage one cluster with multiple compute resources
  • Automatic instance provisioning based on Services and Tasks requirements
  • Automatic placement of the best possible mix of Spot,
    Reserved, and On-Demand Instances

Solution Benefits

Cluster Auto Scaling

As you deploy Tasks and Containers, Spotinst Ocean scales the number of instances in the cluster to meet your application demand.

Node Auto Provisioning

Spotinst Ocean learns what resources (CPU, Memory, Ports) your Tasks need and decides what is the best instance size or type to accommodate those requirements.

90% Resource Utilization

Containers are first-class citizens. Spotinst Ocean studies the actual Containers requirements and matches ECS Tasks and Services with the most efficient and optimized mix of EC2 Instances, making sure the instances are highly utilized.

80% Less on infrastructure costs

Spotinst Ocean reliably uses cloud excess capacity (AKA Spot Instances) to save up to 80% of the infrastructure for cost, with enterprise-grade SLA.

Cost Management

Spotinst Ocean lets you track your ECS cluster costs by Services and Applications. Using a show-back calculation to present visibility inside each Task and container across compute, networking and storage costs.

Enterprise-grade SLA

Reduce the risk of human errors by automating the management of your compute infrastructure and discover errors before they happen.