Cloud-native storage optimization

Fully-managed service for continuous optimization of storage capacity and performance

Continuous optimization for cloud storage

Tuning of throughput, IOPS and capacity is some of the most time-consuming and sensitive work that infrastructure teams face. Spot Storage gives DevOps teams a simple, reliable way to optimize storage without manual research, configuration and monitoring.

Powered by capacity and performance autoscaling engines, Spot Storage will continuously monitor storage usage and performance and automatically remove wasted storage while optimizing underlying storage parameters to achieve maximum performance and efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

Storage optimization on autopilot

Waste elimination

Leverage built-in recommendations and autoscaling engines to gain advanced waste management across all storage types.

Capacity autoscaling

Expand and shrink capacity for both managed file systems and block storage devices according to application requirements and needs.

Performance autotuning

Scale disk performance by continuously monitoring and updating underlying media type and configurable parameters based on predicted usage.

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