Ocean suite

Operating Kubernetes doesn’t have to be so hard

All your Kubernetes workloads—fully managed at 80% less.
Operated, deployed and optimized in one Spot.

Ocean Serverless Infrastructure

Intelligent container-driven provisioning and scaling of cloud infrastructure.

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Ocean for

Run and manage your Spark pipelines on automated, optimized cloud infrastructure.


Ocean for Continuous Delivery

Automate and standardize mission-critical deployment processes, purpose-built for Kubernetes.


Engineers and DevOps focus on applications, not Kubernetes

Take control of exploding cloud costs

Scale big without breaking things

Free DevOps from operational burnout

Make sense of cloud chaos

Automating Kubernetes across the stack

  • Bring your own Kubernetes
  • Automated and optimized cloud infrastructure
  • Simplify deployment and management
  • Visibility across clusters and delivery phases
  • Plug into existing DevOps tools

Hands-free cloud infrastructure for Kubernetes applications for 80% less

Ocean Serverless Infrastructure

Give dynamic applications automated, scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure.

Continuous optimization

Automated, container-driven infrastructure management that continuously improves efficiency, performance, reliability and affordability.

Massive savings on cloud compute

Drive down cloud bills by running reliably on spot instances and more efficiently utilizing resources.

Run more than just microservices on Kubernetes

Ocean for

Spark workloads at a fraction of the infrastructure cost, with a fraction of the management burden.

Serverless Spark

Automated, intelligent provisioning and scaling of containerized Spark applications.

Reduce cloud costs

Run Spark applications on an optimized mix of spot and on-demand instances. Monitor your cloud costs for each job and for each use.


Handle the complexities of Kubernetes with native dockerization, easy integrations and an intuitive UI.

Deliver Kubernetes applications 10x faster with confidence

Ocean Continuous Delivery

Give developers and DevOps simplified, automated release processes that ensure deployments meet your SLOs.

Purpose-built for Kubernetes

Ease the release of application changes with processes and templates, not tools and steps.

Deploy into production with confidence

Identify and fix hidden failure points of deployments without slowing down releases.

No more deployment black-boxes

A single place to observe deployment metrics and real time visualizations across delivery phases.

Serverless infrastructure

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