Visualize the financial impact of RIs and Savings Plans with Eco’s Savings Over Time report

When buying AWS Savings Plans and RIs, Spot Eco makes it easy to create a highly utilized and well-balanced blend of Savings Plans and RIsLeveraging 3rd party Standard RIs (with shorter terms) alongside Convertible RIs, and Savings Plans, Eco helps ensure maximum savings with minimum commitment.  

Keeping track of the savings achieved for reserved capacity whether purchased through Eco or on one’s own is important for our customers who want to gauge the financial impact of their cloud commitments.  

To address this we introduced our “commitments report” in 2020. This report helped organize all RIs and Savings Plans that had been purchased, whether or not Eco generated themfor any and all relevant AWS service. 

tabular view of purchased RIs and Savings Plans and their associated savings

However, the tabular structure lacked an intuitive, visualization for savings of each commitment type over time.  

Today, we are excited to share our new Eco Savings Over Time report. You can now easily see the savings from each RI and Savings Plans typefor any given period. Furthermore, you can filter whether the reserved capacity was purchased via Eco or was purchased by your team without Eco’s involvement. 

graph showing savings from RIs and Savings Plans

This clarity into the actual savings achieved makes it simple to understand the value of Eco and of any RI and Savings Plans purchases. 

Get started with Eco today!