Spotinst User Management API is Now Available

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added user management capabilities to our RESTful APIs, providing you with the tools to programmatically manage the users, roles and accounts associated with your Spotinst Organization.
Previously, user management was provided only via the Spotinst Console. Now, You can integrate these APIs into your administrative applications and processes. The user management APIs can be used to provide users with role-based access, update a user’s role and associate users with Spotinst Accounts.

Here’s a quick overview of the new RESTful APIs we’ve added:

  • Create User: Add a new user to Spotinst and assign them a role.
  • Change User’s Role: Update the user’s role in the specified Spotinst Account.
  • Remove User Mapping: Disassociate a user from a specified Spotinst Account.
  • Add Existing User: Associate an existing user to a specified Spotinst Account.
  • Assign Users to Accounts: Assign multiple users with the same role to multiple accounts.

To get started with the new user management APIs head to Organizations & Accounts in our API documentation.