Enhancing cloud optimization with tailor-made Availability Zone recommendations

Optimization is key to achieving cost efficiency and stability for cloud environments. One optimization factor to consider is deciding which availability zones (AZ) to operate in. Location can impact cloud operations availability, performance, and cost. However, it can be a daunting task to look for the most suitable and cost-efficient AZs.

There are two key challenges:

  • Cost increase without clarity: One of the typical challenges faced by cloud users is an unexpected increase in costs without a clear understanding of the underlying reasons. In some cases, it could happen due to cost increase in the specific AZ that the environment is running in.
  • Frequent interruptions and seeking stability: Another common challenge is the experience of frequent interruptions in the spot markets, which can disrupt operations. For customers with a limited number of Instance types/families they can use, this could be an ongoing struggle they face.


No more guessing with Availability Zone recommendations

Spot Elastigroup and Spot Ocean solve yet another piece of the optimization puzzle with the all-new AZ recommendations. This new addition to the Spot console empowers you with valuable insights into optimal Availability Zones within your environment’s chosen region.

With Spot’s AZ recommendations, you can now make informed decisions about selecting or adding AZs to your configurations, improving stability while reducing costs.

Availability Zone recommendations in the Spot console

Spot’s AZ recommendations give users visibility into the region’s historical data, considering cost and interruption rate, with scores based on interruption history and price history.

Users can leverage these scores to identify the most stable AZs for their workloads, reducing the risk of interruptions and ensuring a more reliable infrastructure.

For Kubernetes environments that run on Ocean, the recommendations will be for each Virtual Node Group separately, as the recommendations are based on the specific instance types that are running.

For users operating VMs through Elastigroup for AWS, AZ recommendations are available in each group’s console, and their scores consider the relevant instance types selected in the group.


Ready to unlock the power of AZ recommendations?

By providing valuable insights into Availability Zones, Spot Ocean and Elastigroup empower users to make data-driven decisions that enhance stability and reduce costs. Reach out to us for a one-on-one demo or log in to your Spot console today to check out your cluster or group AZ recommendations.