Terraform Elastigroup Configuration Review

Today we’ve released the ability for our customers to view their entire Elastigroup configuration as a Terraform script! This allows you to quickly & easily set up similar Elastigroups using Terraform, without having to write any additional code.

Terraform is a utility developed by HashiCorp for managing your infrastructure as code, providing you the ability to build, change and version your infrastructure safely and efficiently.

The Elastigroup Configuration Wizard now automatically generates a Terraform configuration file (.tf) using the HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL), making it easy to take advantage of Terraform’s infrastructure-as-code tools while maximizing your infrastructure’s cost efficiency with Elastigroup.

To review your Elastigroup configuration as Terraform HCL, navigate to the Elastigroup Configuration Wizard, and select the Terraform tab in the “Review” section.

Head to the Spotinst Console to set up your Elastigroup today!
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