Spotinst Ocean – Secure Container Images Now Available

We are happy to announce the release of a new feature for Spotinst Ocean – Secured Image Sources.

As a containerized workload automation platform, Spotinst Ocean provides customers with all their cluster management needs. To round out the core  provisioning and automation capabilities of Spotinst Ocean, we are continuously adding features that simplify cluster administration. 

With Secured Image Sources, cluster administrators can now define a whitelist of trusted container image repositories to use for their cluster. When a container in the cluster is running from an image that is not part of that whitelist, Spotinst Ocean will display a warning message on the User Console, as well as generate email notifications (optional).

This provides an additional level of security and compliance, letting cluster administrators rest assured that their workloads are running approved container images only. 

NOTE: This is currently available via API and will be released to the UI in the upcoming weeks