Spotinst Managed Instance for Single Instance Workloads

Today we are happy to announce the newest addition to the Spotinst roster of products – Managed Instance.

Managed Instance, introduces a new experience that is tailored to the single instance use case, and is the ideal way to optimize cost by leveraging cloud excess capacity while mitigating the risks of running on Spot Instances.

Managed Instance provide recovery and flexibility by enabling customers to leverage Spotinst’s algorithms and expansive statistical database. This ensures workloads are launched in the best possible Spot market for pricing and availability while gaining granular control with detailed dashboards and monitoring tools.

Until now, customers who wanted to reliably run single-instance applications on Spot Instances could use the stateful persistence features offered by Spotinst Elastigroup, but that required going through all the steps for creating a cluster, which were not relevant for a single instance use case. 

Today, Managed Instance provide quick access to lossless state maintenance on Spot, with root, data volume, and network persistence. This is ideal for use cases such as monolithic applications, dev/test machines, or database workloads.

Managed Instance also support scheduling actions and provide continuous backup options to enable cross-AZ and cross-Region resilience and recovery. 

Get started by following our video tutorial , or read more on our blog post.