Spotinst Kubernetes Autoscaler – GPU Support

Today we are announcing support for GPU-Enabled instance scaling, via our Spotinst Kubernetes Autoscaler for both GCP and AWS!

Spotinst’s Kubernetes Autoscaler, will automatically spin up new worker instances whenever it detects Pods or Deployments that are pending scheduling due to a lack of resources. This, allows you to reduce your operational overhead, and remain focused on your application – rather on the underlying infrastructure.

Previously, only CPU and memory resources were considered by the Spotinst Kubernetes Autoscaler. Now, the autoscaler will automatically detect pods that require GPU resources and launch the appropriate instances to meet pod demands.

Using the Spotinst Kubernetes Autoscaler, allows you to easily run GPU related workloads such as AI & Vector related computations, while greatly reducing the cost of GPU-powered instances.

Set up your GPU enabled Kubernetes cluster today using the Spotinst Console!
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