Introducing Spotinst Endpoints

We are excited to introduce Spotinst Endpoints, which provide you with a robust API layer for invoking your Spotinst Functions. Starting today, you can define APIs, and customize the path(s) and method(s) that trigger your Spotinst Function. In addition, with Spotinst Endpoints, you can alias your function’s endpoint with your own domain, and even configure your own SSL/TLS certificates.

Previously, the only API-based way to trigger your functions was through the default URL provided by Spotinst (e.g.

Now, you can customize multiple APIs to trigger your function, alias your own domain names, and add SSL certificates.


Default Function URL provided by Spotinst:

Domain Alias – Domain Aliases allow you to refer to a Spotinst Function’s URL with your own personal domain:

Endpoint – Lets you define custom routes and specific path patterns that will trigger your Functions.

GET /users -> fx-56j3481a

Now, to trigger this function, you can simply make the following API call:


This feature is now available through the Spotinst Console and APIs. Visit our documentation to learn more and get started.