Reserved Instances and Savings Plans on Your Terms with New Configurable Eco Strategies

As a “one size fits all” approach for AWS reservations doesn’t typically work for most AWS customers, Eco by Spot provides intelligent reserved instances and savings plans lifecycle automation with a focus on creating and executing customized, reserved capacity portfolios. These well balanced portfolios diversify customer commitments to various reserved instances and savings plans, ensuring the best blend of reserved pricing coverage, savings and optimal term length (e.g. leveraging the AWS RI Marketplace for short-term, 3rd party reservations). 

Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of configurable Eco Strategies.

You can select a commitment strategy that fits your business needs, directly from the Eco console. Here are the available strategies:

  • Short Term: Heavy focus on short-term RI commitments:
    • ~80% of portfolio 1-18 months – AWS Marketplace preference
    • ~20% of portfolio 18-36 months.
  • Medium Term: Allows more diversification with your RI commitments:
    • ~65% of portfolio 1-18 months – AWS Marketplace preference
    • ~35% of portfolio 18-36 months
  • Long term: Balanced distribution between short and long term RI commitments.
  • Custom term: Define a custom mixture in between commitment terms.

While Eco’s machine learning algorithm ultimately manages the entire reserved capacity lifecycle, from buying and selling to re-allocating underutilized reservations, configurable Eco Strategies empowers our customers to fine-tune the mix between short and long-term commitments to exactly match their business requirements. 

AWS reserved instance and savings plans strategies

Strategies are flexible so you can modify your strategy, switching from long-term to short-term and vice versa, all based on changing financial needs. 

Eco Strategies do not require additional permissions and is available today for all Spot customers.

Get Started Today!

  1. Log in to the Spot Console
  2. From the sidebar choose Strategy under Eco
  3. Choose a predefined term or create your own
  4. Click Apply Strategy and start saving