Predictive Replacement of Preemptive VMs in Google Cloud

We’re thrilled to announce that Elastigroup now predictively replaces Preemptive VMs in Google Cloud.

Preemptible VMs provide a steep discount of 80% but are limited to up to 24 hours and may be terminated by Google at any time.

Based on historical preemption trends and real-time information, Spotinst Elastigroup can predict preemptions and automatically replace VMs in your cluster (Web Services, Containers and more).

To replace a Preemptible VM, Elastigroup launches a new Preemptible VM and validates its healthiness, before draining and terminating the old VM. This seamless process guarantees that your cluster will be running at your desired capacity at all times, and has been extensively battle-tested by Spotinst customers across a wide variety of workloads.

In addition to the prediction of any preemptions, Elastigroup monitors each Preemptible VM to ensure that they’re replaced before GCP’s 24-hour time limit.

Predictive replacement of Preemptible VMs is now available for all Elastigroups running on Google Cloud and requires no action on your part.

Head to the Spotinst Console to get started with Elastigroup on Google today!