Cluster Roll now available for Ocean GKE users

Spotinst Ocean provides users with a serverless management platform for container workloads across cloud providers, leveraging its rich set of features to automate and optimize compute resource management. 

One of the challenges of maintaining an elastic infrastructure at scale is deploying configuration updates that affect launch configurations across the cluster. Spotinst Ocean tackles that challenge with the intelligent Cluster Roll feature, and today we are happy to announce that Cluster Roll is available to users of Ocean for GKE.

Prior to this update, deploying a cluster would involve manual actions: suspending auto-scaling activities, and scaling of VMs, before draining and re-enabling auto-scaling. Once the auto-scaling was re-enabled, the cluster would re-adjust and optimize resource allocation.

With the application-aware Ocean Cluster Roll, users can now deploy their cluster with one click. Spotinst Ocean will perform a Blue-Green Deployment of the cluster nodes, taking into consideration the pods currently running in the cluster, and suspending any auto-scaling related activity, until the roll is completed. The resulting VMs will be optimized for the running pods’ requirements in terms of their size, type, and launch specs.

Spotinst Ocean Cluster Roll is available via API and will be released to the console as well, in the near term.