Now available – Timed Scaling Policy Suspensions

Spotinst Elastigroup is a leading workload automation platform. As such, we always strive to improve it by finding more ways to ease our customers’ lives and automate as many actions as possible. Today, we are happy to announce the addition of a “time to live” parameter to scaling policy suspensions.

Previously, suspending one of the Elastigroup’s scaling policies was a permanent action. Suspending the scaling of a load balanced workload for off-hours or during the weekend, for example, would require further monitoring and an extra API call to remove the same suspension when the time comes.

Now, customers can set the optional “time to live” (TTL) parameter to automate the process, and issue timed scaling policy suspensions with peace of mind, knowing their workload will return back to scaling once the suspension expires.

For more details, please refer to our API documentation portal: