New Ocean Feature – Add Description to Your Cluster Rolls

Spotinst Ocean is an all in one, serverless, management and automation platform for container workloads. It supports both Kubernetes and ECS, and provides DevOps teams with the most optimized and efficient infrastructure layer to their application needs.

From time to time, maintenance performed on the cluster in the form of configuration updates will require the deployment of new instances. Spotinst Ocean supports this with an application-aware Cluster Roll, which takes into account the actual workloads running in the cluster, considers the application’s resource requirements and limits, as well as any placement constraints and deploys new instances, all in a single click.

Today, we are happy to announce that Cluster Roll is being enhanced with a new commenting feature. Customers can now add an optional text based description to every Cluster Roll they execute, enabling teams to audit their deployments and trace the reason and context of every roll. 

Commenting on Cluster Rolls is available via both UI and API for all Ocean users. Enjoy!