Monitor stateful instance actions in realtime

You can now monitor pause and resume actions taken on your stateful instances in realtime with the new detailed actions view, providing you with increased transparency into the state of your instances.

Spotinst Stateful Elastigroup can persist the volumes and/or private IP of the instances across Spot instance replacements, making them seem like a simple system reboot. Stateful Elastigroup opens the door for a plethora of use cases to be run on Spot instances, such as NoSQL databases, big data processing, and dev and test workloads.

When a Stateful instance gets paused or resumed, several actions take place behind the scenes to maintain instance state (e.g. persisting Network Interface, persisting root volume, etc), which could take up to several minutes.

Now, with the new detailed action view, you can learn the state of your stateful instances at all times. Simply navigate to the group’s instance table and expand an instance row to view all internal actions taking place, and their status (in progress, success or failure):

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