Import Your Virtual Machine Scale Sets to Elastigroup

We’re excited to announce that you can now import Virtual Machine Scale Sets to your Elastigroups on Azure!
Azure’s Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS) are the easiest way to manage a group of identical VMs as a single unit. Now with Elastigroup, you can take advantage of Low-Priority VMs on VMSS and save up to 80% on your compute costs, while maintaining 100% availability.

Low-Priority VMs offer a steep discount but may be evicted by Azure at any time. Elastigroup is able to predict the eviction process of Low Priority VMs in advance and seamlessly launch a replacement VM in the available region and type of your choosing, keeping your applications up and running at the best possible price.

Elastigroup manages multiple VMSS combining multiple VM Types and Priorities, provides auto-healing for unhealthy VMs, efficient autoscaling that makes it easy to manage even the most complex workloads.
You can learn more about Elastigroups on Azure in our recently published news post here, or head to the Elastigroup Console to get started today!