GCP – automatic account connection via gcloud

Spotinst is a multi-cloud infrastructure optimization and automation platform which is aiming to provide a smooth experience when using its products across multiple cloud providers. A part of that process is ensuring that integrating and connecting a cloud account with Spotinst is hassle-free.

We are happy to announce that connecting GCP accounts to Spotinst has now been simplified more than ever with a new automated process enabled by gcloud.

The method available so far involved creating resources manually in the Google Cloud console, whereas today, users can opt for the new, automatic method that requires only 3 quick steps:

  1. Typing in the GCP project ID.
  2. Running the provided script on a local terminal.
  3. Uploading the resulting JSON file.

The new automatic method connects Spotinst to the GCP project with the bare minimum of permissions required in order to fully enjoy the Spotinst products and services.

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