Flexible control over instance storage

Ocean by Spot provides continuous optimization for the underlying infrastructure of  containerized workloads. Launch specifications is a key feature that enables users to manage different types of workloads on the same Ocean cluster. With launch specs, cluster administrators can granularly set specific configurations per application, as needed. 

Recent updates to Ocean expands the flexibility of launch specs, and users can now define workload-specific AWS Block Device Mapping for Ocean instances, ensuring that they have the required volumes attached. For example, you can have 20GB volumes attached to one part of your instance, and 100GB volumes attached to another part. Users can use different volume types and sizes for different launch specs, as well configure your volumes with granularity down to encryption behavior, IOPs support or any other aspect to help utilize your infrastructure most efficiently. 

Block Device Mapping support is now available for all Kubernetes and ECS users of Ocean on AWS. For details on activating this feature, please refer to the Spot API documentation.