Elastigroup ECS Autoscaler now supports Memory and CPU Limits at the Task Level

Elastigroup ECS autoscaler now supports memory and CPU limits configured at the ECS task level, which helps you save time, and manage your task resources more easily.

The Elastigroup ECS autoscaler automatically scales your cluster up and down to ensure high resource utilization, while taking into account your placement constraints, availability requirements, and resource (memory and CPU) allocation.

Not long ago, AWS added support for defining memory and CPU limits at the task level (a task can contain multiple container definitions). Previously, these limits were only configurable at the individual container level. Now, you can take advantage of Elastigroup’s fully-automated cluster management solution for ECS, while leveraging the latest from ECS on memory and CPU limit configuration.

Read our simple ECS getting started guide, or visit our console to get started now.