Elastigroup Adds Support for Importing ASG Launch Templates

Customers deploying new Auto-Scaling Groups (ASG)  on AWS typically use a launch configuration to simplify their deployments. In an effort to make deploying ASG’s more robust, AWS recently came out with a new method of deploying ASG’s called Launch Templates which offers additional improvements and features such as versioning and the ability to create a subset of the full set of parameters and then reuse it to create other templates or template versions. Launch Templates also enable users to provision capacity across multiple instance types for both Spot and on-demand instances.

Many of our AWS customers are now using the new Launch Templates when creating new Auto Scaling Groups instead of Launch Configurations. Naturally, to help our customers be successful, we added support in Elastigroup to import ASG’s created with Launch Templates. After the ASG is imported, our customers will have the ability to fallback from Spot to on-demand and vice versa when a Spot instance is terminated or unavailable.

With that being said, we also added Support in our Spot Analyzer to display the potential savings on a monthly and annual basis for Launch Template ASG’s.

For more information on our support for AWS Auto-scaling groups, please refer to our official documentation,