Deploy your Kubernetes clusters on-premises with AWS Outposts

Spot by NetApp is excited to announce our designation as an AWS Outposts Ready Partner, as part of the (Amazon Web Services) AWS Service Ready Program. Ocean by Spot can now be deployed on AWS Outposts, bringing the serverless container experience to workloads that require the performance, low latency and availability of on-premise.

To support the seamless integration and deployment of AWS Outposts Ready solutions, AWS established the AWS Outposts Ready Program to help customers identify products integrated with AWS Outposts and spend less time evaluating new tools, and more time scaling their use of products that are integrated with AWS Outposts deployments. 

AWS launched AWS Outposts as a fully managed service to extend AWS cloud infrastructure services, APIs and tools to on-premise, enabling companies to have a reliable, consistent hybrid experience. Users can launch Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and run apps on AWS Outposts using the same AWS console, CLI or SDK as in the cloud, as well as run AWS services, including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), locally. Customers running Amazon EKS on AWS Outposts can now leverage Ocean by Spot to manage and optimize their container infrastructure.

“Many companies are reinventing their application and operations models by leveraging containers,” said Joshua Burgin, General Manager, AWS Outposts, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “We are delighted to welcome Ocean, a Spot by NetApp product, to the AWS Outposts Ready Program. Their products can help customers manage, deploy, and monitor their container workloads operating on their infrastructure, on AWS Outposts, or in AWS Regions, for a truly consistent hybrid experience.”

Ocean automates container infrastructure with Amazon EKS, continuously analyzing how containers are using infrastructure and scaling compute resources to maximize utilization and availability. By combining the optimal blend of available instance sizes—based on memory and CPU—Ocean helps customers, to more efficiently use cloud resource and minimize waste.

“With AWS Outposts integration supported by Ocean, organizations can further benefit from their containerized environments, both in the cloud and on-premise,” said Kevin McGrath, CTO, Spot by NetApp. “As an AWS Outposts Ready Partner, customers receive the benefits of core Ocean capabilities like right sizing, bin packing and autoscaling for workloads running on-premise, just as they do for cloud clusters today,” said McGrath. Spot customers, like Ticketmaster and Demand Base, are able to realize 20-30% more savings by leveraging those unique capabilities.

Here’s a look at how Ocean is deployed on AWS Outposts:

Diagram illustrating Ocean from Spot by NetApp used with AWS Outposts

Getting Started with Ocean on AWS Outposts 

Achieving the designation as an AWS Outposts Ready Partner introduces Ocean as a fully tested container infrastructure service on AWS Outposts and can be fully integrated with out-of-the-box AWS Outposts. AWS Outposts are connected to your nearest AWS Region providing the same management and control plane services on premises.

When creating a cluster follow the Amazon EKS installation instructions at and specify the instance types available within the AWS Outpost.  Ocean will automatically detect the Amazon EKS configuration and begin to scale instances based on the needs of the Kubernetes scheduler.

If you are interested in learning about getting started with Ocean, feel free to check out a video tutorial, head over to the Ocean documentation page, or try out Ocean with our free trial below.