Cluster “Shutdown Hours” Now Available in Spotinst Ocean for Kubernetes

Spotinst Ocean is an all-in-one solution for Kubernetes cluster management with new features being offered on an ongoing basis to meet customer needs. 

One of the capabilities sought after by many of our customers, is to control when a workload is available, and when it is scaled down completely. 

Today, we are happy to announce the release of a new feature called Shutdown Hours. 

This feature is available in Spotinst Ocean for Kubernetes.

Until now, Spotinst Ocean Kubernetes clusters would run continuously, without the option to specify “off hours” during which the cluster could scale down completely, terminating all nodes. 

With the addition of Shutdown Hours, customers can set specific timeframes during which the cluster will shut down, thereby reducing compute costs during off-hours.

In practical terms, that means that all Kubernetes Nodes will be drained and terminated, and any cluster scaling activity will be suspended. For the duration of the specified timeframe, no nodes will be launched by Spotinst Ocean.

Once the Shutdown timeframe is over, Spotinst Ocean will scale up and resume regular activity.

Shutdown Hours is available Via UI and API