AWS Batch is Now Supported by Elastigroup

Spotinst is excited to announce Elastigroup support for AWS Batch.

Powered by AWS ECS, AWS Batch provides scheduling and queuing capabilities that enable developers, scientists, and engineers to easily and efficiently run hundreds of thousands of batch computing jobs.  When combined with Spotinst Elastigroup, AWS Batch clusters inherit the full power of cost efficient spot instance management and scale.

About Batch

  • AWS Service that executes jobs as containers running as AWS ECS tasks.
  • Removes the undifferentiated heavy lifting of configuring and managing infrastructure
  • Tasks are managed with a queue that wait for available capacity to execute

The Power of Elastigroup

The following diagram illustrates how Spotinst scales an Elastigroup in accordance with the demands of batch jobs and their requirements unleashing the full power of spot instance integration with AWS Batch.

  1. The Spotinst Autoscaler launches the best fit instances to support jobs requirements
  2. Elastigroup continues to monitor jobs and resources
  3. When jobs finish, Elastigroup will react and scale down the environment

Our smart autoscaler will launch the best fit instances to support the jobs definitions.
Jobs will run and consume resources until finish.

When jobs will finish – the resources monitor will identify it and understand that jobs are done.

At this point Elastgroup will automatically scale down.

Get Started

To get started and for more information on using Elastigroup with AWS Batch, please refer to Spotinst’s official documentation.