Announcing CORS support for Spotinst Functions

Today we announce CORS support for Spotinst Functions, enabling you to invoke your Function (through a Spotinst Endpoint) from the browser and restrict access based on origin, methods, and headers.

Spotinst Endpoints, Spotinst Functions’ robust API layer, lets you invoke your Spotinst Function by calling a URL, enabling you to build highly scalable web services. However, building web applications requires CORS support, so that a browser is allowed to make the necessary backend calls. Starting today, Spotinst Endpoints leverages CORS to let you build web applications backed by Spotinst Functions, while also making sure that the calls are secure and can be allowed based on specific origins, headers and methods.

CORS can be configured through the Spotinst Console, APIs, or via the Serverless Framework plugin. Visit our documentation to learn more.