Save up to 66% on RIs in AWS India (AISPL) environments, with guaranteed coverage

The ease of use and deep savings of Eco is now available to AWS India (AISPL) customers. Take advantage of Spot’s proprietary Cloud Learning Model that analyzes RI usage, adapts coverage, and reduces total commitments.

Eco Savings Blox provides:

  • A guarantee on RIs – Eco guarantees to cover an agreed-upon on-demand equivalent of RIs. If Eco’s coverage dips below this threshold, Eco will reimburse customers for the commitments used to cover the targeted region.
  • Cloud cost optimization – Increase savings up to 66% with automatic waste reduction, savvy commitment management, and reduction in commitment cost.
  • Reserved capacity planning made simple – With full visibility into resource consumption and AI-driven capacity planning, Finance and DevOps teams can easily collaborate on planning and managing cloud costs, eliminating most of the time and effort spent to achieve optimal purchasing of RIs.