Research: What challenges are DevOps teams facing?

Spot by NetApp surveyed more than 200 DevOps engineers to gain new insights into the value they bring their organizations, the tools they use to drive efficiency, and the challenges that they face. We packaged our findings, along with key recommendations for unlocking the value of DevOps, into our report DevOps Revealed: Insights and trends driving DevOps productivity and job satisfaction.

Learn more about the challenges DevOps teams face and the solutions that can help them in the infographic below.



Check out the DevOps Revealed 2023 report to:

  • Understand your DevOps teams, so you can attract and retain these valuable individuals
  • Discover the biggest barriers to DevOps productivity
  • Learn how others have solved the DevOps disconnect
  • Gain actionable recommendations for unlocking the value of your DevOps team

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