Automated Ocean nodes monitoring & alerting is now available

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Spot by NetApp is pleased to launch a new API that returns all Ocean managed nodes in a cluster. This new “Get Nodes” API provides detailed information about the nodes in the cluster as well as Ocean related information.

Ocean is an automated cloud infrastructure SaaS for containers. With any automated system, it is essential to have ways to monitor what it is doing on your behalf. For containers, you want to know the life cycle (On-Demand / Reserved Instance / Spot) chosen, which Availability Zone, and more.

Available data

The new API returns the following information:

  • Instance type
  • Availability Zone (AZ)
  • Virtual Node Group (VNG) ID
  • Life Cycle – Spot (preemptible in GCP)/ OD / RI
  • Public IP
  • workloadRequestedMilliCpu / MemoryInMiB / Gpu  – we calculate the request of the workload that is running on the node.
  • headroomRequestedMilliCpu / MemoryInMiB / Gpu – headroom could be automatic and manual, you can read more about it here.
  • allocatableMilliCpu / MemoryInMiB / Gpu – allocatable means the total workload request remaining out of the nodes total allocation
  • registrationStatus – “Registered” | “Registering” | “Failed”

This API can be used to fetch all instances in the cluster or scoped to a specific Virtual Node Group.

Why use it?

The “Get Nodes” API assists with:

  • Monitoring – To monitor the different node life cycles that exist in the cluster, monitor the workload allocation, how long it took an instance to register, etc.
  • Automation – As a trigger for other events. For example, when the status of the registration of a node is “failed”, generate an alert to further investigate why the instance was not able to register to the cluster.

Learn more

“Get Nodes” API is now available for all supported cloud providers. Specific implementation details are available at the following documentation links:

AWS K8s –




We hope the “Get Nodes” API is helpful in managing your Ocean environment. If you have any questions or suggestions please reach out to our support team.