AWS cost optimization calculator

How much could you save on your monthly cloud compute bill?

Enter details of your public cloud spend for an estimation of how much you could save each month with Spot by NetApp automated cloud infrastructure optimization.

Your potential
monthly savings


Maximize your cloud infrastructure investment with Spot


  • Run on low-cost spot instances risk-free
  • Suitable for legacy applications, stateless and stateful workloads
  • Prioritizes utilization of existing commitments
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With Elastigroup we can confidently run thousands of spot instances for our core technologies without needing to touch any aspect of our deployment


  • Run cloud-native workloads on low-cost spot instances risk-free
  • Intelligent autoscaling, rightsizing & bin-packing maximizes utilization
  • Works with all flavors of Kubernetes
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Spot Ocean automates cluster optimization for us… This increased our compute utilization and cost efficiency by 20%.” – Matthew Zeier, Sr. Director, Production Engineering & Operations, Lacework


  • Automate commitment optimization for maximum ROI
  • Leverage Savings Plans and RIs risk-free
  • Easy onboarding, zero engineering requirements
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By making it easy to offload unused reserved instances, Eco allows us to use reserved capacity more aggressively… without worrying about financial lock-in.