On-demand webinar

Mastering the “Big Five” of Azure Cloud Infrastructure Optimization

Discover Azure CloudOps best practices that will help you optimize your Azure infrastructure across five key categories. Presented in partnership with DevOps.com.

What you will see

Shon Harris

DevRel Lead, Spot by NetApp

Deploying and operating cloud infrastructure at scale is challenging. How do we optimize application performance while always maximizing efficiency? And how can you do so without becoming overwhelmed by complexity and requiring constant manual intervention?

CloudOps principles offer a solution. In this Techstrong Learning Experience, you’ll hear from Spot by NetApp DevRel lead Shon Harris, who will outline the key Azure infrastructure challenges and considerations you should be thinking about as you move beyond migration toward cloud maturity. Shon will outline Azure CloudOps best practices and discuss tooling that will help you optimize your Azure infrastructure across the ‘Big 5’ categories enabling you to:

  • Improve performance: Availability, agility and consistency
  • Drive efficiency: Scale-down, right-sizing and VNGs
  • Minimize cost: Pricing models and resource utilization
  • Enable visualization: Cost control and cross-functional accessibility
  • Streamline work processes: Automation, infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and alerting

The session will conclude with a live demonstration of Spot by NetApp’s approach to CloudOps optimization across these five categories.