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About ironSource Since 2010, ironSource has been empowering the two core constituents of the app economy, app developers and telecom operators, to focus on what they do best – create great apps and user experiences. The company’s growth has been accompanied by a rise in the number of compute instances and associated EC2 costs. Spot by NetApp Benefits […]

Wiser, based in San Francisco, California, is a leading company in the retailing sector, providing its customers with specialized data mining services, leveraging image recognition, analytics and insights about competitors. Wiser relies on AWS to run its designated crawling workers, and to run data mining processes, data transformations, and analytics for its clients. At Wiser, […]

Leveraging spot in Dev, but what about Production? Demandbase, as a fast-growing company with many new features and product releases, always had an eye on their costs. “Our team knew that cloud costs could quickly get out of hand,” said Josh Schlanger, VP of DevOps at Demandbase. As part of their cost optimization efforts, Schlanger and […]