Using Spot by NetApp, finova reduces Azure compute spend for their internal development and testing environment by almost 70%.

The Challenge Zalando, a European e-commerce company follows a platform approach, offering Fashion and Lifestyle products to customers in 17 European markets. With companies who are operating in such a large scale such as Zalando, the positivity of this growth comes with one common caveat: increased cloud infrastructure costs. In their journey of continuously optimizing […]

The Challenge Organizations that run their software on public cloud providers enjoy the simple deployments and ease of management but costs often become a concern as a business scales. As Cybereason grew rapidly, so did their AWS bill. Cybereason wanted to focus their investment on product and people, so they created a new mandate of […]

Magnetic’s EC2 Spot Implementation Restricted by Time Consuming Processes and Hadoop Complexities   “Spot isn’t just a vendor to us, they’re a partner we know we can work with.” – James Marcus, VP of Technical Operations Posted on, Magnetic sought to migrate 90% of workloads to EC2 Spot within a year, while 30% of […]

Powerlinks journey to reduce costs Powerlinks runs over 1000 instances and reducing cloud costs became a major concern. “Our costs were increasing dramatically, so we needed to find way to reduce them quickly” said Ollie Finn, CTO at PowerLinks. Powerlinks began to explore various ways to reduce costs without making any architectural changes. As heavy […]

The challenge: Reducing cloud compute costs At first, Haptik mostly ran using AWS on-demand instances, alongside a small set of reserved instances. Their cloud costs quickly rose and reducing costs became a major focus as a way to reduce cost-of-goods-sold (COGS). When first contemplating the need to reduce cloud computing costs, reserved instances were considered […]