A brief introduction to Haptik One of the largest names in the conversational AI industry, Haptik has been at the forefront of a paradigm shift in using AI to disrupt how marketing works. With a team of some of the finest minds in AI, Haptik enables brands to improve engagement with their customers through support […]

Arcadia is a guardian of healthcare data, managing records for more than 170 million patients across their databases. Their customers include many prestigious healthcare organizations, including provider and payer groups When they needed a more efficient way to handle its Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances and manage costs, Arcadia turned to Eco from Spot by […]

Challenge – Empowering Engineering Team While Containing EC2 Costs Chegg began their textbook rental business in 2005, running primarily as a monolithic web application, hosted in a colocation data center. After doing a forklift migration to AWS, they quickly realized that despite all the available instance types and flexible EC2 pricing, simply “running in the […]

Challenge – Automating and Optimizing Infra for Mission-Critical ECS Workloads Launched in 2010 as a cloud-native company, FindHotel was already using many AWS services such as Elastic Container Service (ECS), S3, Firehose and even EC2 Spot instances for cost-reduction in some QA and Dev environments.  As a hotel search aggregator, they were using Amazon’s ECS […]

How it all started Directeam CEO, Hagai Tobelem, first heard of Spot back in early 2016 when he was a potential customer himself. As he was responsible for his company’s cloud infrastructure, he was working on real-time applications characterized by spiky workloads and was searching for a way to reduce costs, while supporting the company’s […]

Red Spark runs “Serverless Containers” with Elastigroup by Spot & Amazon ECS Running Amazon ECS clusters with Elastigroup by Spot allows you to dynamically scale the cluster up and down based on the actual Containers, Tasks, and Services utilization to ensure there are always sufficient resources to run all tasks. This is done by optimizing […]

Developer Freedom Leads to Increased Agility but also Increased Cost Developer freedom is important to On the dot. The On the dot team have the ability to deploy and scale fast, yet this enhanced agility for the dev team comes with a trade-off: increasingly high costs. Don Tran, Head of Platform Services at On the […]

For the last 23 years, Walla!News has been running their workloads on-premise, managing the server hardware themselves. But with over 1.5 million active mailboxes, real-time broadcasts, and traffic that constantly scales, Asi, Walla!News’s CTO, decided that moving to the public cloud was inevitable. “We are a publisher in a dynamic and competitive environment which require […]

Cost Optimization is a priority, but time and complex architecture prove limiting ClearCare was founded in 2010, growing steadily over the course of the past seven years. After a $60M growth equity round of funding in 2016, usage spiked quickly. As a health-tech company, reliability is essential to their customers, so their DevOps team focused […]

Saving Rungway 80% of their EC2 costs Rungway started as a small startup, that was in a need of its own infrastructure. Rungway searched for the best value for their money and like any other startup, they couldn’t afford to build their own Data Center. They thought the best available solution was running their workload […]