Challenge – Managing Cloud Spend from an Educated Perspective  Wildlife Studios, a mobile game company, was founded by brothers Victor and Arthur Lazarte in Sao Paolo in 2011. Since then the company has experienced hyper growth and has around 700 employees, 60 games with 2 billion downloads, and over 100 million monthly active players around the world.   With all their games running on AWS and hundreds of engineers spinning up servers at will, […]

When Silvio Pereira and Gilberto Ferreira founded RealCloud in 2017, they leveraged their collective experience and strong reputation in the Brazilian tech industry. Having worked at Oracle, Sun Microsystems and other tech giants, they were well acquainted with the IT departments at most major companies. As AWS and other IaaS providers began to penetrate the […]

Challenge – Optimizing EC2 Cost for Dynamic Workloads BTC works with many traditional Japanese businesses that are exploring how to expand and evolve their offerings in an online and mobile world. While their customers dictate what they want to achieve, BTC is responsible for the final selection of technologies and systems to deliver a successful […]

Challenge – Empowering Engineering Team While Containing EC2 Costs Chegg began their textbook rental business in 2005, running primarily as a monolithic web application, hosted in a colocation data center. After doing a forklift migration to AWS, they quickly realized that despite all the available instance types and flexible EC2 pricing, simply “running in the […]

Challenge With a rapidly growing customer base SignalVine naturally turned to AWS for elastic infrastructure that allowed for quick and easy scaling to meet demand.  Using EC2 reserved instances was a logical choice to keep their compute cost low.  However, with their development and ops teams pushing to deliver results for better user experience and […]

Challenge Behind the scenes of SkyBox’s B2C business, is a suite of powerful, logistics, shipping and tracking application that manages a complex supply-chain of buyers, sellers, shippers and other entities. To handle seasonal fluctuations, SkyBox choose AWS’ EC2 which allowed them to easily scale up or down based on demand. But as steady workload patterns […]

How it all started Directeam CEO, Hagai Tobelem, first heard of Spot back in early 2016 when he was a potential customer himself. As he was responsible for his company’s cloud infrastructure, he was working on real-time applications characterized by spiky workloads and was searching for a way to reduce costs, while supporting the company’s […]

Since they were founded, Freshwork’s product suite has expanded to 11 products, including:  Freshsales, for sales teams; Freshrelease, for project management; and Freshcaller, a solution for call centers.  Freshworks has raised $250 million, to date, and is backed by Accel, Sequoia Capital, and CapitalG.  Freshworks now has over 2000 employees across 10 global office locations […]

The Challenge In software development, applications commonly go through a lifecycle in isolated environments such as development, testing, and production. A common way to help automate testing and deploying code in each environment is by using CI/CD tools such as Jenkins. With Jenkins, you can have a cluster of machines ready to test and deploy […]

The Challenge Beeswax is a leading company in the Real-time Bidding (RTB) space that buys and sells advertising inventory through online auctions. The infrastructure needed to provide an RTB service must be high-performing and have latencies less than 30ms. In their early days, Beeswax began running their infrastructure on Amazon Web Services and quickly became […]