Challenge – Managing Cloud Spend from an Educated Perspective  Wildlife Studios, a mobile game company, was founded by brothers Victor and Arthur Lazarte in Sao Paolo in 2011. Since then the company has experienced hyper growth and has around 700 employees, 60 games with 2 billion downloads, and over 100 million monthly active players around the world.   With all their games running on AWS and hundreds of engineers spinning up servers at will, […]

Challenge Behind the scenes of SkyBox’s B2C business, is a suite of powerful, logistics, shipping and tracking application that manages a complex supply-chain of buyers, sellers, shippers and other entities. To handle seasonal fluctuations, SkyBox choose AWS’ EC2 which allowed them to easily scale up or down based on demand. But as steady workload patterns […]

The Challenge Running Big Data workloads is common in the Account-based Marketing industry and requires a large number of computing resources. Demandbase utilizes hundreds of resource-intensive instances to process hundreds of terabytes of data. As Demandbase became more successful, their user base grew substantially and their infrastructure had to scale accordingly. At this point, costs […]