Spectrum is a cloud-agnostic, cross-platform monitoring and analytics service which enables real-time visibility, historical insights and event-driven alerts.

Spectrum provides visibility into the performance, up time, and overall health of applications. It
collects metrics from any cloud provider or even from an on-premise servers, ingests via customized
dashboards, reports and advanced alerting system.
Spectrum’s insights making it a breeze to understand the relationship between different components even
when deployed on separate environments, analyze application performances and troubleshoot existing
issues from a single console.

Top Features

Multi Cloud

Spectrum provides cost and health analytics across all your servers (Public, private, on-prem, Linux or Windows).

Alerts & Actions

Spectrum allows you to create alerts that will send you notifications or take other automated actions according to your metrics' value.

Monitor Custom Metrics

Report custom metrics generated by your own applications via a simple API request. You can report and store valuable metrics on your application's performance to help you troubleshoot and spot trends.

Elastigroup Integration

Spectrum is fully integrated to Spotinst Elastigroup. That allows you to create Scaling Policies to scale your instances up and down based on your application's Spectrum metrics.

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