Serverless Infrastructure Engine for Containers

Eliminate complexity, maximize efficiency and reduce costs by 90% for your cloud-native applications.

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Container-Driven Autoscaling

Auto-detect pod or task infrastructure requirements so the appropriate instance size or type will always be available.

Container Cost Allocation

Gain unparalleled clarity into infrastructure costs by services, applications and tasks.

Hands-Free Infrastructure

Deploy more without having to manage all the details of the underlying Container infrastructure.

Container-Driven Infrastructure

Spot’s native Auto-Scaler ensures that all Pods\Tasks have resources to run on, and systematically selects the most suitable instance type that will facilitate the containers’ requirements. The Auto-Scaler will scale up new instances in cases when the existing ones are over-utilized and cannot support new Pods\Tasks, and will scale down instances when they are under-utilized and relocate the containers to other vacant instances.

Container-Driven Infrastructure<br/>Auto-Scaling

Maximize Resource Utilization

Ocean validates that your instances are fully utilized before spinning up new ones, thus enabling an additional layer of cost-efficiency.

Maximize Resource Utilization

Bring Your Orchestrator

Ocean seamlessly integrates and supports your stack, whether you are using Amazon ECS or Kubernetes Orchestrators such as EKS\GKE\AKS.

Bring Your Orchestrator

Save Up To 90% On
Infrastructure Costs

Optimize up to 90% of your cloud-compute costs by leveraging cloud excess capacity as the underlying infrastructure which facilitates your containers allocation, while enabling the option to fallback to on-demand, thereby maintaining high-availability for production and mission-critical applications.

Save Up To 90% On<br/>Infrastructure Costs

Reliable Utilization Of
Excess Capacity

Ocean’s prediction algorithm analyzes excess capacity behavior, trends, pricing, and interruption rates in order to predict an interruption prior to its occurrence, spin up new instances, and immediately initiate a graceful draining process, of the soon to be terminated instances. This process enables reliability and agility, thereby ensuring high availability and application uptime.

Reliable Utilization Of<br/>Excess Capacity

Cost Showback

With Cost Showback you get a more granular view of the cluster’s cost breakdown (compute and storage) for each and every one of the cluster’s resources such as deployment\service, cron jobs, Tasks and Pods.

Cost Showback

Mixed Instance
Types and Sizes

With Ocean, you can benefit from various instance life-cycles (RI\OD\Spot) as well as mixed instance types and sizes which will better facilitate your cluster’s requirements

Mixed Instance<br/>Types and Sizes

Vertical Container

Ocean measures in real-time the CPU\Memory of your Pods & Tasks and will provide resource suggestions based on the consumption in your cluster.

Right-Sizing Pods and Tasks directly from the Ocean console allows you to apply more accurate resource requests, based on actual usage.

Vertical Container<br/>Auto-Scaling

Predictive Auto-Scaling

Ocean’s Predictive Auto-scaling mechanism eliminates the need to define scaling policies as it identifies peak times and automatically scales the right capacity in advance.

Machine learning algorithms predict the future load of your application and proactively scales the cluster in order to accommodate the peak traffic.

Predictive Auto-Scaling

Integrates With Existing
DevOps Tools

Ocean seamlessly integrates with your existing IaaC (Infrastructure-as-a-Code) tools such as Ansible, Terraform and CloudFormation, so you will be able to apply an end-to-end automated process of your stack.

Integrates With Existing<br/>DevOps Tools

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