Ocean CD solves the most painful aspects of modern delivery release cycles ​

High confidence in deployment reliability

Monitor, detect and mitigate issues early to gracefully deploy code into production.

Eliminate overhead of release management

Out-of-the-box progressive delivery strategies that are easily defined, automated and customized​.

End-to-end visibility and management​

Granular insight into the rollout process with real-time tracking of deployment phases​.

One Spot for cloud operations and app delivery

Introducing Continuous Delivery as a Service, part of the Ocean DevOps suite for Kubernetes

We want our developers and DevOps teams to focus on applications, not on Kubernetes. Spot Ocean alleviates so many of the pains in managing cloud infrastructure for Kubernetes, and extending the capabilities of Spot Ocean to continuous delivery will bring even more efficiency and manageability to applications.
Corne van Dyk, Head of System Development

Extend Kubernetes to continuous delivery

Automate and standardize mission-critical deployment processes, purpose-built for Kubernetes

Out-of-the-box progressive delivery strategies
Out-of-the-box progressive delivery strategies
Easily define, automate and customize progressive delivery strategies like canary and blue/green without any custom code.
Visibility and manageability
Visibility and
Granular information and intelligence into the rollout process with real-time visualization of deployment phases and resources.
Continuous verification
Continuous verification
Verification of deployments is automated, with unique algorithms that perform routine analysis and respond to safely handle unhealthy deployments.
Automated rollbacks
Automated rollbacks
Automatic, safe rollback if version issues are identified.

No custom coding or manual scripts. Simple to set up in your own cloud, with your own tools.

Get started with Ocean CD with just a few commands.

InstaIl the Spot controller with a simple script that enables detection of Kubernetes events​.
Ocean CD works with your existing Kubernetes clusters, and you can add Ocean CD to any existing Ocean cluster with spotctl​.
Integrate with the CI tooling of your choice and seamlessly use existing pipelines​.
Managing software deployments over Kubernetes is challenging. Spot by NetApp provides us with a solution that optimizes cluster operations, and it makes perfect sense that Spot would also take on CD with Ocean to optimize software delivery.
Hoan Mac, Lead DevOps Engineer

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