Spotinst Ocean – Now Supports Amazon ECS

After setting the standard in workload optimization and automation for Kubernetes worker nodes, we are happy to announce that Spotinst is now empowering Ocean with support for Amazon ECS.

Starting today, users can automate the scaling of ECS container instances with Spotinst Ocean, achieving maximum resource utilization and optimal cost savings. 

Spotinst Ocean’s autoscaler takes into account workloads’ resource requirements as well as pricing and availability of Spot markets, and picks the right instance type for every task. Simultaneously, the autoscaler will simulate different task placement combinations to scale the cluster down in order to promote a fully utilized cluster and avoid idle resources.

With the Serverless approach introduced by Spotinst Ocean, engineering teams can eliminate worrying about the underlying infrastructure, and focus more on developing applications. Moreover, empowered by Spotinst’s ‘right-sizing’ capability, Spotinst Ocean assists in figuring out what are the container needs by suggesting the optimal resource requirements, based on real-time consumption data.
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