Spotinst Ocean – Now available for GKE

Not too long ago we have announced Ocean, our flag-ship product which helps you manage Kubernetes clusters seamlessly, providing the ultimate server-less experience when it comes to operating containers orchestration platforms.

So far, Ocean was available for Kubernetes clusters in AWS (native, Kops or EKS), and now we are happy to announce our latest progress in the container sphere, Ocean for GKE.

As of today, you can import your GKE into Spotinst, and let Ocean manage your containers, scale your cluster according to its needs, and choose the best VM instance type to suit your workload.

With Spotinst Ocean, you can achieve deeper visibility into your cluster when using our dashboard, which will provide you with a clear and accurate view on your containers, pods, nodes, costs and scaling activities.

If you’re using GKE we really encourage you to check this out, and gain even more from your Kubernetes clusters!

Check out our latest blog-post on Ocean for GKE

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